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We offer customised outdoor displays  to cover any type of event.

We offer interactive indoor shows for children of all ages, from 2 to 100!!!

Make your wedding day even more unique and unforgettable.

We work with your event organiser in Paris, or anywhere in the world, for your special day.

Customised educational shows for schools and colleges including the science behind the bubbles.

We offer a unique team building experience and shows for corporate events and world record attempts.

Bubbles by hand

>OUTDOOR (with just one or many artists):

Simply big bubbles and/or workshops and workstations.

Main or side act or walking in a parade or carnival.

Duration can be anything from a few minutes up to 6 or 8 hours, almost non-stop!!!

High energy performances- if you provide the music.

Day or night.

Lots of bubles in park
Wedding bubbles
Large bubble in park

>INDOOR (stage shows- single or duo act):

A taylor-made family show lasting approximately 35 minutes. (this can be extended or shortened), with a description of the show.

Up to 6 shows per day are possible.

Works well in theatres, science centres, exhibitions- and also for Christmas and office parties.

Science shows
Ray Bubbles

>WORKSHOPS (for schools or team-building):

Special Educational Needs Schools and mainstream.

Combination of making new ways to blow bubbles by breathing in a different way.

Learning some simple, but visually dazzling tricks.

Holistic well-being workshops for corporate events.

School enrichment activities,  INSPIRE days, kid's clubs, disability and dementia activity groups.

Kid in a bubble
Classroom double tower

To check availability, discuss your requirements, or to make a comment or suggestion.

Contact Paris Bubbles today.

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>When I am not dazzling the crowds or amazing the audience at one of my shows, you may see me about in your local park or National trust location.

I am constantly practicing and improving my skills. If you come across me whilst you are out and about, come up and say hello.

A list of places I have visited recently and enthralled unsuspecting audiences who were out for a walk are:

Brimham Rocks, Towneley Park Burnley, Centre Vale Park Todmorden.

Brimham Rocks 1
Brimham Rocks2
Towneley Park

Keep an eye on my social media pages. When I am planning to make a surprise appearance I usually announce it on there.

If you have a suggestion of a place for me to visit, let me know. I might just turn up.

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