Science Show

Science Show

A Science Show can be taken to the next level by incorporating a variety of elements that will engage and entertain the audience.

To make a Science and Bubble show enthralling and educational we include:

Hands-on bubble demonstrations and experiments in which the audience can participate.

Using humour and storytelling to present scientific information makes the bubble show more educational and, at the same time, memorable for the audience.  People retain more facts if they are having fun!

We encourage audience participation, for example by asking questions about what we have demonstrated, inviting volunteers to assist in bubble activities or conducting polls, so that every member of the audience is actively engaged, thinking for themselves and participating eagerly.

Using everyday examples, like household items, to explain scientific concepts makes the information more relatable and understandable for the audience.  We show the audience how the Science they’re learning about is used in the real world, making Science as a subject feel more relevant and interesting.

Music and light effects together with bubbles creates a dynamic and immersive experience, that makes for great memories that hopefully stick in the mind, along with the facts that have been learned by our appreciative audiences, both younger and older age groups!

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