Party Bubbles

Party Bubbles Make Magical Memories!

Incredible, astonishing and versatile Party Bubbles for your party, wedding, festival or corporate events will leave your guests with amazing memories of the day.  Draw the right attention and whip up the entertainment another notch with party bubbles, whether it is bubbles at your wedding, creating etherial effects in your wedding photographs, or bubbles at a corporate event, drawing interested observers to come and hear your message, or a huge and varied bundle of bubble activities to make your children’s group come to life!

party bubbles

Party bubbles come in all shapes and sizes - Literally!

Ever seen a square bubble, a smoke filled bubble, a bubble chain?  Our Bubbleologists have the skills to keep small groups of up to 60 people/kids enthralled for up to 30 minutes at a time.  We incorporate a mix of selected bubble effects when it comes to party bubbles, show bubbles, bubble entertainment and bubble workshops, so that everyone is left with a sense of awe and wonder.

Our yearly stage show in Germany is shown to thousands of people over several days in a huge auditorium and is multilingual - take a look at our Gallery examples here.  

Our stunning stage shows in which we go LARGE with bubbles, always bring oohs and aaahs from the astounded observers!  When it comes to corporate events and parties, a burst of bubble entertainment brings a Champagne boost to the proceedings.

When it comes to any occasion, party bubbles are extremely versatile.  We can wander amongst your guests at tables, demonstrating individual bubble tricks, quiet bubbles for those with nervous dispositions or special needs, or provide dramatic streams of bubbles behind an activity or photo op, build your corporate logo out of bubbles for corporate events, have everyone running about a field of foam and bubbles, kids in a bubble tricks, making giant bubbles for groups of kids or adults to experience being inside.   Contact us here for a chat about your needs.  There are so many ways in which bubbles can fit the bill, party bubbles bring joy to any event.

So Party Bubbles could be any mix of:

  • A bubble show on stage, with giant bubbles and marvellous smoke and bubble effects
  • walkabout around your dinner guests with 5-10 minutes of bubble tricks for each table
  • roaming amongst the crowd
  • delighting groups outside with massive amounts of bubbles
  • stationary giant bubble sculptures
  • keeping kids busy with a bubble experiment#
  • hands on experience of bubbles for small groups
  • any other elements - please ask.

We can tailor our party bubbles packages to suit your event - so if you ask for a quote, tell us what you need, and how many people will be attending, whether it is indoors or out, and we can come up with a price that you will be happy with.

Contact us if you would like to have exciting party bubbles at your next occasion. 

Bubble shows can cater for up to 60 children an hour, and are eco-friendly leaving no mess behind.  Book your magical party bubbles here and get a quote, that is individually tailored for your gathering.