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We give you bubbles...you take away memories
We give you bubbles...you take away memories

About us

Our magical journey started in a small attic in the beautiful city of Paris; simply with a bucket, a bubble wand and two ingredients: soap and water. The delight in the eyes of my small audience (my two children) transported me back to my own childhood.


Slowly, this audience grew bigger and the stage changed from an attic to the historic parks and stunning monuments of romantic Paris.


Since those early days, we’ve made amazing bubbles for music festivals. 


We’ve delighted the crowds at Manchester City Football Club.


We’ve enhanced the experiences at weddings, private parties and worked on photography commissions.


We’ve helped educate and amaze at schools, science fairs and museums.


We’ve made bubbles in many countries and have recently left a magical trail in Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, the Netherlands and the UK.


We can create customised, unique experiences during fashion shows, product launches and private parties.


Contact Paris Bubbles today and let us create some magic for you!


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Shows and Events

We give you bubbles...you take away memories

We offer customised outdoor displays  to cover any type of event.

We offer interactive indoor shows for children of all ages, from 2 to 100!!!

Make your wedding day even more unique and unforgettable.

We work with your event organiser in Paris, or anywhere in the world, for your special day.

We provide customised educational shows for schools and colleges including the science behind the bubbles.

We offer a unique team building experience and shows for corporate events and world record attempts.

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We give you bubbles...you take away memories


We give you bubbles...you take away memories


Email: parisbubbles@mail.com

Tel : +44 (0)7782 346 370


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