Kids Bubble Party

Got a child’s birthday coming up? 

A kids bubble party is such fun because everyone can get involved!  Bubbles certainly bring kids alive and nobody feels left out.  A kids bubble party from Paris Bubbles keeps everyone amused, from children, to parents, with large and small entertainment that will make you gasp with delight - and bubbles are perfect for an open day, a school fete, a science day not just for birthdays!  We can deliver our versatile bubble party packages all over Europe, in fact the World, in any language.  Contact us for a quote!

kids bubble party

Shiny Rainbow Bubbles for an Unforgettable Kids Party!

If you have ever wondered how to make your child’s birthday extra special, then consider the magic created by our professional bubble magicians!  A kids bubble party can be tailored to your exact needs, from small gatherings to major family events, our Bubble Magicians create clouds of bubbles, massive bubbles, smoky bubbles, carousels of bubbles, family and friends within a bubble, or offer bubble demonstrations and hands-on opportunities to create bubbles for every guest. 

Our kids bubble party entertainment consists of many elements of our larger stage shows, which can be tailored to fit your venue.  We do a huge event in Germany every year, for example, performing many times a day for an audience of thousands.  However this is just one of the things we do.  For events large and small, bubbles are just perfect. Our bubble shows can be performed indoors or out, being very versatile and easy to set up, it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing; if things change, the whole bubble entertainment can take place indoors, and our versatile entertainers are happy to be flexible.  

Eco Friendly Bubbles = Great Entertainment for Your Kids Party

Bubbles are quick easy to set up, and leave no mess behind, which is quite unusual for a kids party!  Its also an eco-friendly entertainment! So invite our Bubble Magicians for a kids bubble party and you could have a bunch of very happy children giggling, running about and entertained for up to two hours with giant outdoor soap bubble displays, foam, smoke and how to blow a bubble workshops, KIB (Kid in a Bubble) soap bubble sculptures, etc, we can entertain up to 60 children per hour.  What would you like us to do?   Contact us here for a chat about your needs.

Our kids bubble party is also perfect for school situations.  Invite us for your school open day, or as part of a Science week.  Our shows are suitable for ages 5 and upwards.  SEND schools are especially on our bubble radar, as bubbles always go down very well with special needs, as they can be very quiet, but amazing to watch.  

Bubble Parties - Fun for All Occasions

Not just for kids - our Bubble Magicians provide bubble party magic for any kind of venue - weddings, stage shows, corporate events, even funerals, where the understated but ethereal beauty of bubbles rising to the sky will underline the spiritual significance of a solemn occasion in a way few other things would.  We are happy to discuss with you what you would like from us, have a look at our Gallery section for some of our videos - we can create spectacular party bubbles going either bigger or smaller to suit the occasion.

A kids bubble party is tailored for you, the size of your party, and your location, so prices vary.  Please enquire for specific prices.