Bubbleology is the Art of creating amazing effects with bubbles and our professional Bubbleologists are experts at creating exciting entertainment with bubbles and we can travel all over the World to offer bubble entertainment in large or small packages to suit your needs, bringing a stunning blend of science, Art and simply fun that appeals to all ages!   Our Bubbleologists offer STEAM based shows, sensory workshops for SEND schools and ever changing magical bubble displays for any other events.

Bubbleology is perfect for parties, bubble entertainments, and bubble shows 

Our talented Bubbleologists will always make any occasion memorable with clouds of wonderful bubbles!  We started our bubbleology business in Paris (hence the name Paris Bubbles) and our theatre shows have now developed in many languages and have many elements that can be added or subtracted to suit the numbers, the venue and the type of audience.

When it comes to bubble shows, these can be tailored to suit any size or location of event.  Our Bubbleologists travel to schools, corporate entertainments, weddings, country and music festivals, throughout Europe and the UK.  Schools in particular have given us wonderful opportunities to provide fun and learning with bubbles and we also create bubbleology events for SEND schools.   Contact us here for a chat about your needs.

School Bubble Shows - suitable for all ages

Our Bubblelogists can cater for approximately 60 children per hour - so several sessions per day of two classes of around 30 each.

      • Giant outdoor soap bubble display (with or without bubble physics content)
      • Giant bubbles, long bubble tubes, hundreds of smaller bubbles to pop, foam and smoke bubbles - From 30 minutes to one hour per session, and suitable for all ages
      • How to blow a bubble (indoors) 45-60 minutes, 30 children max
      • How to make giant bubbles (outdoors) 45-60 minutes 30 children max
      • Bubbleology Workshops
      • How to make bubbles with your hands (indoors) 45-60 minutes 20 children max
      • KIB (kid in a bubble) – Putting the whole group inside a soap bubble (indoors) plus soap bubble sculpture (cube, carousel, chain etc.) – 

A Bubbleology Show is versatile, eco-friendly and leaves no mess. 

We use an eco-friendly bubble concentrate and some equipment which takes only a little time to set up for small venues such as birthday parties or school events.  For the very much larger venues, such as our annual German show, where we perform to thousands of people per day, we could arrive a day or so before, to test our bubble tricks properly, sound check our equipment and ensure that the environment is just right for an astounding performance.

Our Bubbleologists offer giant outdoor soap bubble displays, incorporating fanstasic foam and mysterious smoke effects,  We also offer educational bubble making workshops, fun for for all ages so that everyone can get involved in making bubbles, learning about bubbles and how and why they behave as they do!

Bubbleologists are full of fun facts about bubbles, and as we narrate during the performance, the audience learns lots of Scientific facts as well as enjoying a fabulous entertainment - in their own language.  

Want to make your own bubbles?

After you have watched our shows, and know how we work, its fun to try bubbleology for yourself.  So create your own bubble fun at home - using exactly the same equipment as our Bubbleologists!  Click to go to our SHOP to purchase the bubble concentrate, and a selection of foamers, tristrings, bubble blowing trumpets and the instructions to put yourself and your friends into a huge bubble and try all manner of the other bubble tricks.