Bubble Person for Parties

A bubble entertainer brings a lighthearted and joyful experience that can really make your party go with a pop!  Book a Bubble Person for parties with Paris Bubbles, the most astonishing, versatile and fun party entertainment!  

bubble person for partiesTravelling the World with their bubble entertainment, Paris Bubbles bring soap bubble Art to parties, shows, theatres, festivals, garden fetes, in fact all kinds of large and small private parties and corporate entertainment. 

A bubble person for parties will bring a bubbly mixture of any of the below activities:   

      • Giant outdoor soap bubble display (with or without bubble science content)
      • Giant bubbles, long bubble tubes, hundreds of smaller bubbles to pop, foam and smoke bubbles - From 30 minutes to one hour per session. Suitable for all ages.
      • Bubble making Workshops
      • How to blow a bubble (indoors) 45-60 minutes 30 children max
      • How to make giant bubbles (outdoors) 45-60 minutes, 30 children max
      • How to make bubbles with your hands (indoors) 45-60 minutes 20 children max
      • KIB (kid in a bubble) – Putting everyone inside a soap bubble (indoors) plus soap bubble sculpture (cube, carousel, chain etc.) – Approximately 60 children per hour. Suitable for all ages.

Please enquire for specific prices - these vary according to the distance travelled, and the size of the show required, as well as other factors.

Book a party and let the bubble person for parties bring the fun!

Many of our school shows have grown out of the children having had a bubble person for parties, and realising that this makes for a great educational experience as well for a class, a year group, even the whole school!  Our bubbleologists can visit your school and perform an amazing bubble entertainment, and explain about the Science behind soap bubbles, too.  We have many detailed packages for schools, childrens parties, even your company Christmas, or special occasion parties!  

Helping to lift the mood at any celebration or event, a bubble person for parties can make any occasion more special and memorable.  We work in many languages too, being that our show is not really dependent so much on the commentary as the fabulous bubbles of all shapes and sizes!  Our bubble blowing speaks in any language all by itself! 

Bubble persons are not just available for parties.  Our giant bubble displays draw attention at corporate events, for promotions, festivals and our yearly show at a huge German event draws thousands of people with many showings throughout the day.  Elements of this fabulous show are reproduced at smaller events, to provide magical entertainment from individual bubble tricks at parties, to educational Science shows at more serious venues.  

Weddings also are a great venue where you bubble person for parties provides romantic bubbles, fun bubbles, bubble classes, to keep your guests amused and entertained throughout the ceremony or even the whole day. 

If you would like to book a bubble person for parties, events, shows or festivals, please contact our bubble performers on +44 7782346370 info@parisbubbles.com.  Prices depend on the distance travelled and the type of show we put on.  However, our bubble entertainers aim to provide a tailored package that is perfect for any venue, any size, age, and level of understanding!  So give us a call to find out!