Bubble Entertainment for Weddings

Do You Want to See Bubbles Popping At Your Wedding?

Along with the Champagne a-popping, bubbles are a great Wedding entertainment!  If you would like to offer your wedding guests an extra element of fun at the wedding breakfast, and have a beautiful bubble background for romantic photos, bubble entertainment for weddings from our resident Bubbleologists will certainly fit the bill.  Bubbles are such a versatile, eco-friendly entertainment, with many elements which can be quickly adjusted for any size venue, indoors or outdoors, and any number of people attending.  Let us tailor some bubble entertainment at your wedding - call us for a quote!

Bubble Entertainment for Weddings for Extra Romance!

We travel all over the World, the UK, and Europe, bringing our astonishing and beautiful bubble entertainment for weddings, in fact any kind of public or private gatherings, even funerals.  Bubbleologists know all the ways to keep people amused and entertained at moments such as signing the register, or in the Welcome line at the reception.  All the points where children especially are likely to get a little bored and troublesome, bubbles provide a welcome distraction! 

A Great Wedding Photo with Bubbles is Always a Hit!

We started our bubble shows in Paris, and now offer theatre shows in many languages.  Our workshops and bubble displays can suit any size event.  Bubble entertainment for weddings consists of any of the elements of our large stage shows, but tailored for your event numbers, ages and the size of your venue.  Bubble entertainment for weddings can offer a cloud of bubbles at the wedding itself, behind the wedding photos, or a bubble show to keep the children happy at certain times, or a bubblelologist doing a show and/or visiting individual tables at the reception venue, bubbles during the wedding dance, and so on.  We can arrange bubbles to music, or quiet bubbles in the background, bubbles at specific moments - such as cutting the cake - or that first kiss - to make every moment extra memorable. 

Wedding Shows With Bubbles go with a Pop!

  • couple in bubble,
  • bubbles floating by on your wedding photos
  • individual making bubbles activity for guests
  • a giant bubble show entertainment
  • soap bubble magic sculptures
  • romantic bubbles for the first dance
  • giant outdoor bubble workshop, as part of reception and out of hours party. 

Bubble Shows Are Amazing At Weddings and Other Events Too!

Our bubble shows are derived from our famous theatre routines condensed from our stage show, but in miniature.  So if you are looking for a great show, and something quite unique, our Bubbleologists can bring bubble entertainment for weddings to your special day to help you and your guests celebrate in style, and take away lots of lovely memories of a fun filled day.

As well as offering Bubble entertainment for weddings, birthday parties, fetes, corporate events, and schools we also offer special needs entertainment (SEND) for special schools, and of course our yearly show in Germany to thousands of people offering several bubble shows per day, is where we provide our most spectacular of bubble tricks.   Bubbles for wedding couples can be provided for your wedding, please contact us to talk about what you would like to see, and we can make up a package for you, to make your wedding bubble-tastically memorable.