Bubble Entertainer

Bubble Entertainers with their unique, bright and bubbly live action bring your party to life!  Catching and popping bubbles, smoke filled bubbles, an amazing array of bubble shapes and groups, giant bubbles, hand bubbles, KIB (kid in a bubble)!  Bubble entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes.

The astounding nature of Bubble entertainment!

Have you an event, such as a wedding, or at a school open or activity day, special needs party, Paris Bubbles professional bubble artists have a great show for you which will be tailored for your audience of 1 - 1000s!  Our goal is to make great entertainment at your Festival, show or special occasion. Creating memories of fantastic bubbles, fun for all ages!

Bubble Entertainers from Paris

We started our bubble entertainer business in Paris and are able to offer bubble shows in many languages.  Our workshops and bubble displays can also be tailored to suit any event.  We can send bubble entertainers to small groups of children, or offer a bubble show for a theatre full of all ages!  Public or private events, birthdays, weddings, car shows, football games, charity functions, corporate events, all our bubble entertainers offer eye catching, mesmerising shows that hold peoples attention and engender gasps of amazement!

Public or private Corporate events especially are enhanced by a bubble display.  The moving bubbles, and the sheer height of Bubble entertainment draws a crowd from afar, not only indoors but especially out of doors - and then parents can browse while children remain enthralled by the show.  Soap bubble sculptures are fabulous for this, as people are consistently amazed by our bubble artists ability to create cubes, carousels, chains, of bubbles, even your corporate logo.  Sell lots of merchandise at your stall at the festival, when you have a bubble entertainer to attract everyone to your pitch!

Of course, weddings with bubbles are extra special.  For all the reasons above, as well as the romantic nature of clouds of bubbles in the photographs making everyone smile and act naturally, and have fun, weddings are one of the most popular venues for our bubble entertainers.  We can offer a giant outdoor bubble workshop, for the reception or party afterward, condensing our theatre routines that have been revised from our stage show, but in miniature.  The most fabulous soap bubble magic sculptures can be created and we can help people ’have a go’ at bubble making for themselves as an activity on the side, as well as creating magical memorable photos of couples in a bubble, that first kiss with bubbles floating by, giving a breathtaking background and sense of movement and delight!

Festival entertainment with bubbles involves our fabulous stage show tricks tailored for a smaller venue, out of doors, such as summer fairs, fetes, music festivals, adding to the magical feel of the day and as the bubbles float up into the sky, attract people from miles around to see what’s going on!  Our bubble entertainers can do a mixture of walking around in the crowd, or setting up a big display to entertain everyone at a certain time.

Our bubble entertainers offer shows that can last for up to two hours, contact us for prices, as these will vary according to travel costs, and other factors.