Bubble Artists

Bubble Artists Bring You Soapy Fun with Fabulous Bubbles!

Have you been looking for something different for your party, wedding, event or entertainment?  Our Bubble Artists certainly bring the fun, the fizz, the excitement to any venue!

bubble artists

Paris Bubbles have been going now for many years, beginning in the wonderful city of Paris, our theatre shows are now available in multiple languages.  We also offer workshops, and create unique bubble displays for any type of event.  The most amazing interactive bubble displays are created especially for you at your party - people can learn to make bubbles themselves, enjoy an ad hoc Science lesson from our bubble experts, and go away with memories of the bubble event that will last a lifetime.

The Power of Bubbles - They Are Astounding!

Our Bubble Artists excel at Kids shows and workshops for any number of children (and adults of course).  Our school shows are suitable for ages 5 and up.  The kids really get a hands-on experience of creating their own bubbles, seeing and interacting with multiple bubbles, indoors and out.  Getting the whole group inside an actual bubble is just one of our amazing tricks.  Our friendly Bubble artists create entertainment and a learning experience geared to the level of the audience. We can craft a show for a class of any age or level and even individual children with special needs will get their own specially designed for them.  Please let us know who is coming to your kids party or school group, and we will tailor the bubbles to their individual needs. 

If you are having an event such as a car show, a business award show, or any kind of corporate event, inviting bubble artists to your own stall will certainly attract attention!  Our bubble artists will produce all kinds of bubbles, either at the stall, or walking about amongst the guests, creating individual displays, 5-10 minutes at each table, or amazing giant bubbles and special effects.  We dont just use bubbles, but smoke, colours, lighting effects, even bubble sculpting - an Art that has to be seen to be believed!  Have you ever thought about getting your company logo built into the display?  We can do this, too!

Ask Bubble Artists to any event, it really does make the show pop!

If you are interested in having our bubble magicians turn up, just let us know the address and contact us well before the event.  Our bubble artists get booked up many months in advance.   Our shows last for an hour or two (or more), and prices vary according to the distance travelled, as well as other factors.  Weddings of course, are a favourite of ours.  What better, more magical and environmentally friendly way to make a magical atmosphere than to have bubbles popping with the Champagne corks. The wedding photos will be all the more amazing with bubbles, and we can wander around the tables, giving individual tailored displays for adults and children alike.  Releasing bubbles to float around the dance floor, give a giant bubble show entertainment, or a fun bubble outdoor workshop, to keep guests entertained if there is a waiting period, our bubble artists will craft a perfect package of bubble magic, that everyone will love.

If you would like to try making bubbles for yourself, why not visit our shop, which provides full instructions, our exclusive bubble concentrate and accessories for creating our amazing bubble Art, the same as the Bubble Artists do!  Contact us here for a chat about your needs.