About Us

About Us

About Paris Bubbles

We’ll bring you bubbles - and you’ll take away memories! 

Paris Bubbles

Here at Paris Bubbles, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making your event or special occasion extra special and memorable. From humble beginnings in the beautiful city of Paris we now now offer theatre shows (in many languages), workshops and bubble displays to suit any event.

You Can’t Blow An Ugly Bubble!

Whether you are celebrating your birthday or wedding, whether your event is public or private...

What do you mean, you’re just popping out?!

When you need some fun, an extra special entertainment for your gathering, whether it is a party, a festival, our fantastic and beautiful bubbles add gentle rainbows of colour and magic, filling the air and making it a day to remember!

A soap film is so thin, it’s almost not there.


Our Eco friendly bubble displays are both delightful and dramatic, but ultimately peaceful and unobtrusive.  Bubble Displays will delight and astound the audience of children or adults, alik.  And, when its over, we disappear, like a bubble - without leaving a trace behind us!